Recently, a group of computer experts and enthusiasts, under the name of “CAGE” created a Top 10 list of the Top 10 Companies Involved in the Development of Casino Software. The reason for compiling this list was to alert potential software developers about some companies that may seem to be in your niche but that have not developed a winning software application. Some of the companies on this list are Acorn Computers, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Electronic Arts, Intuitive E-commerce, NetIQ Systems, Data Associates, and Appian. Some of these names may seem a little too familiar to you; in fact, some may not even exist today. Acorn Computers was one of the original names for Apple, and they are not mentioned on the Top 10 list.

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Why the programmers at Acorn Computers fell so into the development of Mac OS, I don’t know. Maybe it was the “think tank” that worked on it, or maybe it was the licensing fees. No matter what it was, the company never made a profit. On the other hand, they did manage to make an operating system that ran on a combination of the hardware and software Apple pioneered, with Mac OS 2.0. But, the Mac OS never achieved dominance over the Windows market, until the introduction of the Mac OS X.

So, what is the conclusion to draw from all this? The computer world evolves by leaps and bounds with new technologies being introduced. As programmers look for better ways to create games, applications, and interactive systems, the entire world of the software industry changes, and grows, changing the face of gaming, application development, and web technologies. The next time you are looking for a game or want to develop one, remember the names above, and thank the programmers who wrote the software for making it possible.