We are very delighted to present STACO Product News, Spring 2019.

At STACO we work in close collaboration with consumers and business partners to continuously expand and update our product range with new and exciting tools adapted to market demands.

It is with great pleasure that we now present a very thorough update and extension within our Measuring Tools as well as on several of our Hammers.

For our measuring tools, we have both upgraded the quality of our angle squares and sliding bevel and we have added several new item numbers, including plaster squares, steel rulers and a new torpedo level.

We have also upgraded on both quality and design for our claw hammers, and we have added two new claw hammers to the series, respectively a 20 oz claw hammer and 16 oz full one-piece forged claw hammer.

In addition, we also present an extension of our bench hammers range, with a new and larger model of 400 gr.

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