STACO is expanding our already extensive range of tie-downs with two new and exciting additions: A new 3000 kg break strength Ratchet Tie-down with J-hooks and a new and extra strong Cambuckle Tie-down with an impressive 800 kg break strength.

STACO Ratchet Tie-down, 3000 kg

Due to high demand in the market, STACO is now introducing a Ratchet Tie-down with 3000 kg break strength and strong J-hooks.

The strap measures a total length of 10 meters and is 38 mm wide. As all STACO Tie-downs, the Ratchet Tie-down is of course EN-12195-2 certified.

STACO Rachet Tie-down, 3000 kg
Item no: 71049

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STACO Cambuckle Tie-down, 800 kg

The highly popular range of STACO Cambuckle Tie-downs is expanding as well, with the addition of a new and more powerful than ever model in a neat black finish.

The 4,5 meter tie-down is 35 mm wide and is supplied with an extra stury cambuckle in black finish. The tie-down has an impressive break-strength of 800 kg and is EN-12195-2 certified.

The high break strength combined with the practical and easy-to-use cambuckle, makes this an ideal product for many on-the-go cargo securing tasks.

STACO Cambuckle Tie-down, 800 kg
Item no.: 71070 

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he category of Snap-off knives and blades has a high priority within the STACO Range. In recent years, we have continually upgraded the quality of this category extensively and we have recently introduced the new STACO X-treme Sharp knife blades in an extraordinary high quality.

STACO continues its strong commitment to this very important category and is now introducing two new additions.

STACO Snap-off knife w. hook 

The new STACO Heavy Duty Snap-off knife with hook is designed in a neat and stylish finish, completed with metal barrel and an extra strong hook at the end.

The complimentary 18 mm STACO X-treme Sharp knife blade is easily fixed with the sturdy wheel lock to ensure the best possible working conditions.

STACO Snap-off knife, Heavy Duty, w. hook, 18 mm
Item no: 46031

STACO Snap-off knife w. auto-retractable blade 

Safety and comfort are key focus areas for the new STACO Heavy Duty 18 mm Snap-off knife w. auto-retractable blade.

The two-way locking system is easily operated with the thumb, and can be used to fix the blade in any position or with the smart auto-retractable locking system that makes the blade jump back into the barrel, once the lock-button is released.

This provides extra safety in the workplace and is ideal for jobs with many repeating cutting tasks.

Snap-off Knife, Heavy Duty, Auto-Retractable, 18 mm
Item no: 46038

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