STACO Heavy Duty Impact Bits
STACO Proudly presents one of the toughest news this Fall: The new and game-changing STACO Heavy Duty Impact Bits – A series of 50 mm S3 bits designed specifically for impact wrenches.

STACO is among the leading suppliers of power bits for the professional market with our selected retail partners. With the introduction of the new Heavy Duty Impact Bits STACO is consolidating its position as top of the class.

The new series has already been testet by selected heavy users in the industry, and the feedback are unanimous: “The STACO Impact bits has a significant longer lifetime compared to similiar models from other A-brands”.

The new STACO Heavy Duty Impact Bits are being introduced in 5 pcs packagings in TORX sizes 10, 15, 20, 25 og 30 supplied with the unique STACO colour coding system.

As part of the introduction we are also introducing a limited time only “Test Pack” to be distributed freely among the professional end-users.

Click here to see the new and game-changing STACO Heavy Duty Impact Bits

Available for delivery from mid-November 2020 – please contact your usual contact person for additional info and distribution agreement of this unique product series.

STACO StaightGrip Mitre Cutter
The STACO Mitre Cutter is becomming more and more populare in the market. Now we are introducing the new STACO StraigtGrip Mitre Cutter with smooth metal handles, supplied in neat and salespromoting colour box.

Both Mitre Cutters from STACO have replacable blade, Grip lock, internal spring, angle marked doublesided blades and a 55 mm cutting length.

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