Cologne Fair 2022 – Special

As announced by Eisenwaren Messe, the Cologne Fair planned for March 2022 is postponed due to the circumstances involving the Corona Virus. 

Since the last fair in 2018, STACO has been in heavy development and is stronger than ever before, performing on record-high levels in several markets.

We had planned to attend the Cologne Fair 2022 with a stronger performance than ever and a significantly larger exhibition area – presenting several new products and concepts to showcase. 

Several product upgrades have been made across the entire STACO range, and we have improved our services within the administration, and logistics setup, as well as added new platforms including our vastly improved online platform and our state-of-the-art own brand sourcing platform.

As circumstances prevent the Cologne Fair from taking place as planned, please click here and see our introduction to the STACO brand and what we have to offer.



Product News Fall 2021


STACO is expanding our already extensive range of tie-downs with two new and exciting additions: A new 3000 kg break strength Ratchet Tie-down with J-hooks and a new and extra strong Cambuckle Tie-down with an impressive 800 kg break strength.

STACO Ratchet Tie-down, 3000 kg

Due to high demand in the market, STACO is now introducing a Ratchet Tie-down with 3000 kg break strength and strong J-hooks.

The strap measures a total length of 10 meters and is 38 mm wide. As all STACO Tie-downs, the Ratchet Tie-down is of course EN-12195-2 certified.

STACO Rachet Tie-down, 3000 kg
Item no: 71049

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STACO Cambuckle Tie-down, 800 kg

The highly popular range of STACO Cambuckle Tie-downs is expanding as well, with the addition of a new and more powerful than ever model in a neat black finish.

The 4,5 meter tie-down is 35 mm wide and is supplied with an extra stury cambuckle in black finish. The tie-down has an impressive break-strength of 800 kg and is EN-12195-2 certified.

The high break strength combined with the practical and easy-to-use cambuckle, makes this an ideal product for many on-the-go cargo securing tasks.

STACO Cambuckle Tie-down, 800 kg
Item no.: 71070 

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he category of Snap-off knives and blades has a high priority within the STACO Range. In recent years, we have continually upgraded the quality of this category extensively and we have recently introduced the new STACO X-treme Sharp knife blades in an extraordinary high quality.

STACO continues its strong commitment to this very important category and is now introducing two new additions.

STACO Snap-off knife w. hook 

The new STACO Heavy Duty Snap-off knife with hook is designed in a neat and stylish finish, completed with metal barrel and an extra strong hook at the end.

The complimentary 18 mm STACO X-treme Sharp knife blade is easily fixed with the sturdy wheel lock to ensure the best possible working conditions.

STACO Snap-off knife, Heavy Duty, w. hook, 18 mm
Item no: 46031

STACO Snap-off knife w. auto-retractable blade 

Safety and comfort are key focus areas for the new STACO Heavy Duty 18 mm Snap-off knife w. auto-retractable blade.

The two-way locking system is easily operated with the thumb, and can be used to fix the blade in any position or with the smart auto-retractable locking system that makes the blade jump back into the barrel, once the lock-button is released.

This provides extra safety in the workplace and is ideal for jobs with many repeating cutting tasks.

Snap-off Knife, Heavy Duty, Auto-Retractable, 18 mm
Item no: 46038

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Product News Spring 2020

Heavy Duty Snap-Off knives
Our extremely popular line of STACO Snap-off knives are now being expanded with three brand new Heavy Duty models.

These extra tough knives are designed to handle the most demanding tasks. The new series consists of two 18 mm knives, one with locking wheel and one with auto-lock, both knives are supplied with extreme sharp 18 mm blades in a stunning black finish.
In addition we also present our brand new Heavy Duty Utility knife with a special safety function and Easy Blade Change feature. 

Heavy Duty Snap-off blades and STACO utility blades are of course also supplied on separate SKUs. 

Easyline Snap-off knife
The new STACO Easyline snap-off knife is a neat 18 mm knife produced in a recognizable design. The knife is equipped with autolock function and is supplied in sales promoting colour boxes of 60 pcs.

Easyline Tape measure
As a new addition to our strong line of tape measures, we now present the STACO Easyline Tape Measures. This line consists of two models in 3 and 5 meter. Both models are of course MID II certified and supplied in a very nice display tray of 10 pcs.

Easyline Bits set
The latest addition to our new Easyline series, is a practical 31 pcs bits set, including 30 bits in the most commonly used sizes and a smart bit holder with QuickLock function. The set is supplied in our new and uniquely developed bits box with transparent lid on a sturdy hanger card.

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Product News Fall 2019

It is with great pleasure, that we now present STACO Product News, Fall 2019.

At STACO we have worked intensely to expand our already well-aknowledged product range, with several new and unique additions within the categories Handtools and Tarpaulins.

Long bits
Due to increased market demands for longer bits, we are now introducing 89 mm bits in 8 pcs packaging. The series contains the most commonly used sizes: PH2, PZ2, TX10, TX15, TX20, TX25 and TX30.
The Torx and Philips bits are supplied with the renowned STACO Colour Coding System, making it easier for the end-user to identify the right size. At the same time, the TX10 and TX30 are also being added to our series of 2 pcs packagings, so both series features the same sizes.

Fixed blade knives.
It is with great joy, that we can now present our newest fixed blade knives; Craftman’s knife and Chisel knife. Both knives are of extremely high quality with stainless steel blades. The Craftsman’s knife has a uniquely shaped grip, providing extra safety and comfort. The Chisel knife is supplied with flat striking surface and ergo-grip in PP-material. Both knives are sold in a sturdy sheet with belt clips and are supplied in sales promoting colour displays of 24 pcs.

Insulation knife w. curved blade
As a new addition to our strong line of insulation knives, we are now introducing the highly demanded curved blade insulation knife. The knife are produced in the well-known high-quality standards of STACO with ergonomic plastic grip. 

Chalk powder
Chalk powder for chalk line in blue and red colours. Both models are supplied in practical bottles with easy-fill nozzles. The bottles contain 225 g / 8 oz. 

Steel shelving for the corner
The STACO range of extra sturdy steel shelvings are now being expanded with yet another exciting addition; the corner model. The corner shelving is supplied in the unique black GWS-finish (powder coating) and 5 MDF shelves. Each shelf has a maximum loading capacity of 175 kg (evenly distributed). The shelving is a strong addition to the STACO line of steel shelvings and measures 180 x 75/40 x 75/40 cm.

Transparent tarpaulins
The transparent lightweight tarpaulins are more popular than ever. Supplied with corner reinforcements, strengthened edges, double lamination and aluminium eyelets, it is top of the line in its class. As a result of increased demands, we are now introducing two new and bigger sizes: 8 x 10 meter and 8 x 12 meter. As all other tarpaulins in the series, the tarpaulins are provided in polybag with a product information sheet and are supplied in stackable cartons.

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Product news: Tarpaulins

STACO have been market leader in the Nordics within tarpaulins for professional crafts, industry and DIY for several years.

In close cooperation with our strategic partners in the retail business and due to valuable feedback from end-users all over our current markets, we are now introducing two new models to our already well-known wide quality range: STACO Fence Tarpaulin and COSTA FLEX Light tarpaulin.

STACO Fence Tarpaulin
With the introduction of STACO Fence Tarpaulins, we continue our long-term development of our range with one of the market’s currently most requested products within the category.

STACO Fence Tarpaulins are designed for mobile fence (construction site fence) and measures 1.76 x 3.41 meters (fixed sizes). The model is supplied in a BLACK and a WHITE model and has alu eyelets per half meters all the way around for secure setup on the fences.

COSTA Flex Light Tarpaulin
We are now presenting COSTA FLEX Light to the economically conscious consumer.
The tarpaulins have been developed as a “little brother” for our other Flex tarpaulins with reinforcement wiremesh (Green FLEX and STACO FLEX).

COSTA FLEX Light is double laminated and comes with both reinforcement wiremesh and corner reinforcements as well as aluminum eyelets pr meter. The model is designed for universal use and is both UV-treated and water-repellent and easy to clean.

Both STACO Fence Tarpaulins and COSTA FLEX Light tarpaulins are in stock, and ready for delivery.

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Partners article


Product news and updates – Spring 2019

We are very delighted to present STACO Product News, Spring 2019.

At STACO we work in close collaboration with consumers and business partners to continuously expand and update our product range with new and exciting tools adapted to market demands.

It is with great pleasure that we now present a very thorough update and extension within our Measuring Tools as well as on several of our Hammers.

For our measuring tools, we have both upgraded the quality of our angle squares and sliding bevel and we have added several new item numbers, including plaster squares, steel rulers and a new torpedo level.

We have also upgraded on both quality and design for our claw hammers, and we have added two new claw hammers to the series, respectively a 20 oz claw hammer and 16 oz full one-piece forged claw hammer.

In addition, we also present an extension of our bench hammers range, with a new and larger model of 400 gr.

Find the complete overview here: Click here to see STACO Product News and Updates.


Increased focus on Norway market


STACO NORDIC Proudly presents new collaboration with Norwegian agent in a major venture in the Norwegian market.

STACO heavily increases sales initatives in Norway,  where we have great aspirations to become a priority brand with the leading wholesalers and retailers in the market.

We are very much looking forward to presenting our wide product range to the quality-conscious Norwegian market.

As a result of STACO’s increased initiatives in Norway, we are pleased to announce our new strategic cooperation with K.L. Jensen AS / by Karl Ove Jensen, who in the future will be part of our Nordic team, as STACO’s sales agent in Norway.

Karl Ove Jensen brings with him a great deal of expertise from many years of experience in selling Hand Tools and Storage Solutions from previous agency-activity for similar international trademarks in Norway.

We are deeply confident that the new sales cooperation will contribute positively to a continued rising activity level for STACO’s product range in Norway.