We offer professional, effective and quick distribution. From our main storage facilities north of Copenhagen, we distribute our wide ranges of products all over Europe.

To adapt to the ever changing market we continuously work on optimizing and developing our distribution routines to meet the dynamics of the market.



We always commit to close dialogue with our partners in all matters, ie. when we are tailoring concept solutions, developing new and competitive products or customizing business concepts to meet individual needs and requirements. 
We set high demands and strict standards through out the supply chain to make sure we only present the highest quality products to the market. We have many years of experience creating successful relations with partners, both locally and abroad.



We represents some of the best brands in the markets. We offer our own brands and we represents a range of other strong products, each widely recognized as top brands in their own field.

This allows us to offer the best products in the market to leading retailers and distribution partners. We are represented across many countries, and we focus on delivering unique and easy-to-sell products at attractive prices.